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25 July 2015 by Tales Costa

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What are allowed file types. How to define allowed file types.

eikondocs only allows upload of allowed file types. Which means that if a file extension is not on the list of allowed file types the file upload will fail.

The Workspace Admin controls the list of allowed file types through the menu option Manage / File types. For a newly created workspace the allowed file types list will be empty:

File types on new workspace

To create a new allowed file type, press on the New file type button and on the next page enter the new file type properties, as shown below, and press on the Add button:

Add new file type

  • Name - a text value used to identify the file type.

  • Type extension - the standard extension used on the file name that identifies the file type - with ‘.’ included.

  • Content type - a MIME type identification that describes the type of content. You can find information on MIME file types here and a list of MIME types can be found here and here

  • Restricted format - when the box is checked this file type is marked as a restricted file type, meaning that files with this extension will not be visible to users who just have restricted read-only permission to the documents.

Follows an example of a common set of allowed file types.

Common set of allowed file types

Any workspace allowed file types configuration can be exported and imported as an eikondocs catalog.

Here you can download the catalog from the example above.

As a Workspace Admin you can import it into your own workspace and modify it as you see fit.