29 July 2015 by Sergio V. Greve

A typical engineering scenario is described and a workspace is configured to fulfil its requirements. This post provides a starting template for engineering projects that is available as an eikondocs catalog and can be used by Workspace Admins interested in speeding up their jobs.

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17 July 2015 by Tales Costa

Different kinds of documents need different data for identification and classification. Moreover, every organization puts in place its own business rules for handling each document kind.

For example, in engineering projects some usual kinds of documents are: regulation codes, equipment specifications, supplier proposals, technical specifications, engineering drawing and meeting minutes.

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08 July 2015 by Tales Costa

What is eikondocs. A document is more than a file. Permissions. Adding and updating documents. Searching for documents. Browsing folders and lists. Collaboration using tasks. Generating reports. Documents relationships. Documents manifest.

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