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01 July 2015 by Tales Costa

What is

An eikondocs workspace is your private environment where you host your objects - documents and business rules - and is automatically created when you sign up to a subscription plan.

Workspaces are completely independent from each other. As objects exist only within the workspace where they were created, objects on workspace A are not known on workspace B.

On your workspace you can handle as many projects as you see fit using eikondocs powerful configuration features.


Workspaces are managed by Workspace Administrators, who are responsible for business rules configurations and to invite users to join it. They have an unique name within eikondocs environment and comply to the following:

  • two users cannot have same name;
  • all users share same interface theme and interface configuration;
  • a single hierarchical tree structure for public folders;
  • unlimited number of document classes, accepted file types and user groups;
  • unlimited number of documents and files - subscription plan storage limits may apply;
  • unlimited number of users - subscription plan number of user limits may apply;