Picture of Sergio V. Greve What is a catalog and how to export and import
19 July 2015 by Sergio V. Greve

What is, How To

A workspace configuration can be captured by catalogs, which are XML files that can be exported and imported by Workspace Admins.

Catalogs provide an easy way to interchange configuration data among different workspaces. A consultant may work in its own workspace to develop a custom or generic configuration solution and use catalogs to put in place a similar solution on a customer workspace.


Exporting catalogs

Only Workspace Admins may export catalogs. These can be done in the following circumstances:

  • Document class configuration
  • Allowed file types
  • Public folders hierarchical structure

When exporting a document class configuration the Workspace Admin may opt to also include permissions and user groups related.

How to export a document class configuration

How to export allowed file types

How to export public folders hierarchical structure

Importing catalogs

Regardless of catalog type, Workspace Admins can import a catalog using this procedure:

  1. Select [Manage] on the workspace navigation bar
  2. Select [Import catalog]
  3. On the new page select on your local file system the catalog file to be imported and click the button [Import]
  4. You will receive a page feed-back informing what has been imported.