Picture of Ricardo Pessoa How to change your interface idiom
05 August 2015 by Ricardo Pessoa

How To

Engineering projects often require collaboration among people from different countries. Even if many are proficient in other languages, user productivity is greater if tools are in their preferred idiom. Currently supporting English, Portuguese and Spanish, eikondocs allows users to select their preferred idiom, on the fly.

In eikondocs, you can set your interface language with a single click.

Just access the menu botton with your name, on any eikondocs page and select Idiom change.

How to change your idiom - Menu Option

eikondocs presents the supported idioms. Just select your preference, and click the buttom to save it.

Supported Idioms screen in  English

And your screen changes to that language.

Supported Idioms screen in Portuguese

And this affects all menus, reports, document lists and tasks.

The following images show the same screen examples in English and Portuguese:

Received Tasks screen in English

Received Tasks screen in Portuguese

Task details screen in English

Task details screen in Portuguese

Documents History screen in English

Documents History screen in Portuguese

Note that only text generated by eikondocs is affected by language change, e.g., user interface labels and reports. User generated content is not affected by language change, e.g., attributes names and values.