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14 September 2015 by Tales Costa

How To

How to add documents by spreadsheet in 3 steps. 1- Downloading a document class spreadsheet template. 2- Enter spreadsheet data. 3- Upload spreadsheet. 4- Check results

On this tutorial we add a set of new documents to our eikondocs Workspace. Instead of adding one document at a time, we add multiple documents by first entering their attributes on a spreadsheet file and then uploading the file to eikondocs.

As example we will use the Project X document class template described in this other post.

1- Downloading a document class spreadsheet template

We start by clicking on menu option Add/Documents by spreadsheet and go to Add documents by spreadsheet page. Next, we select Project X Listed on Select class and the state options list.

We then click on Download spreadsheet template link to download a template spreadsheet file for Project X:

Add/Documents by spreadsheet page

Opening the spreadsheet file we find a template with a column for each Project X class attribute:

Document class spreadsheet template

2- Enter spreadsheet data.

The attributes on the template are the same attributes we would find on a Project X document data entry form. However, there are some differences in how the attributes values must be set. We show below the spreadsheet template filled with attribute values for 5 documents to be added to Project X class:

Spreadsheet template example

Note that for some attributes the values entered on the spreadsheet are different from those that would be entered using a data entry form. We show below an example of a Below data entry form filled with attributes equivalent to the spreadsheet first line:

Spreadsheet template data entry form example

While Type value on the spreadsheet is “DW”, on the data entry form we have “Drawing”. Attribute Area value is “00” on the spreadsheet and on the form we have “General”. On the spreadsheet value for Discipline is “CV” and on the form is “Civil”. Finally, Purpose value is “APROV” on the spreadsheet and “For Approval” on the data entry form.

As these attributes were defined as Coded list on Project X document class, their possible values were predefined as code-meaning pairs where the meaning part is used on data entry and view forms while the value saved on the database is the code part. When using a spreadsheet template attribute columns must contain the code value to be stored on the database in place of the meaning part.

In addition, note the column corresponding to the Sequence attribute has been left blank. This attribute was defined on Project X document class as a sequential number automatically defined by eikondocs, so any value on this column will not be considered for adding the new documents.

3- Upload spreadsheet

To upload the spreadsheet file with the attributes data, we click on menu option Add/Documents by spreadsheet and again select Project X Listed on Select class and the state options list.

On Add/Documents by spreadsheet page we first click on Select file button to locate and choose the spreadsheet file to be uploaded. Next, we click on Import spreadsheet button to upload the selected file:

Add new class

4- Check results

eikondocs checks that attributes values on the spreadsheet conform to rules defined on document class configuration. So we cannot set an attribute value on the spreadsheet that could not be set using the document data entry form. Only spreadsheet lines for which all attributes pass the validation check will be added as new document. Lines with invalid attributes will be rejected.

Result of spreadsheet validation is presented by eikondocs in a downloadable spreadsheet file. This is a copy of the uploaded file where valid lines are marked with a green background color while rejected lines are marked with with red background on failed attributes cells:

Add new class

Checking the example above we may see that correct value for STATUS attribute would be APROV. For convenience, we edit the downloaded spreadsheet changing the marked cell to “APROV” and deleting the lines marked with green background.

We upload the revised spreadsheet and again eikondocs presents validation results in a downloadable spreadsheet file. Now, opening this file we see that the single line remaining is now all green.

Finally, we click on menu option Browse/History and see our actions resulted on the addition of 5 documents defined on the spreadsheet:

Add new class