Picture of Ricardo Pessoa Avoiding costs with unlimited collaboration infrastructure
17 September 2015 by Ricardo Pessoa


In construction projects, teams grow sharply between basic design and construction. At full swing, project teams may involve hundreds of members, from many companies. It’s not unusual that many of them were unplanned or unforeseen at project planning stage. In such an uncertain environment, how can one keep a good fit between team size and collaboration and document management infrastructure? With eikondocs you can: just switch anytime to a large workspace subscription, and get unlimited users and unlimited storage at a fixed cost.

Engineering projects look very much like a Hollywood production. From a small authoring group, teams grow to involve hundreds of people, most of them quickly disbanded after their part on production is ready.

Since engineering documents support and register project decisions and changes, all team members should have at least reading access to them. But how does one dimension this infrastructure? Certainly not by peak team size: part of the time it will be underused at an unjustifiable cost. Besides, team size shall prove difficult to define, since you may need an unplanned subcontractor or an additional consultant due to unforeseen project needs.

Altogether, it means that, at least during part of its lifecycle, the project will have less than adequate infrastructure. This always gives room to parallel controls, workarounds and spreadsheets, who often limit collaboration and make room for errors and extra work.

We believe that document management and collaboration are core to project success. Controlled and auditable access to project documents improves productivity and quality, reduces rework and risks associated to incorrect or outdated information. But to fully achieve these, team members must have access to documents.

We designed eikondocs to provide you with infrastructure that will support your requirements, no matter your project size: limited or unlimited users and storage. So you may grant access to all project members, no matter if they are from your own company, from a supplier or subcontractor, or even a temporary external consultant.

But you don´t need to do this fully from day one. You may adjust your infrastructure anytime, on the fly. You may start as small as a Professional subscription, for 5 users and a 100 GB storage space, upgrading for a Small workspace plan when these limits are reached.

At any time, you may switch to a Large workspace, with unlimited users and storage space. Assuring that all stakeholders, even those you involved ad hoc, have access to your eikondocs workspace.

You just need to select a new subscription plan in your Account Administrator´s page. Changes are instantaneously applied to your workspace , reflecting your new requirements.

As project approaches its end, and teams are demobilized, you may work backwards, reducing users and storage. Once work is over and you need just to archive, you may even migrate back to a professional subscription and keep all your project audit data available online.