Picture of Tales Costa How to find documents using Quick search
05 November 2015 by Tales Costa

How To

The Search/Quick search option is available on eikondocs menu bar and provides an easy way to find documents by searching a keyword on documents attributes.

For example, if we select Search/Quick search, enter dw on the search field and then press Enter, we get a list of all documents that have dw as part of their document name.

"Quick search on dw"

Default scope for Quick search is to look for search string only within the Document name attribute. No other attributes are considered.

However, using the options list the in field we may select other options:

  • Document descriptions restrains search scope to those attributes that are part of the document description. For example, entering search string plan will present all documents that contain this string on Situation or Title attributes; "Quick search on plan"

  • File names will restrain search to the names of files contained on documents. For example, entering equipment results in documents which have at least one filename that contains this search string; "Quick search on equipment"

  • All metadata is the sum of all options, searching keywords on all document attributes, including life-cycle states and view values of coded list on document form. For example, entering drawing will result in all documents with Type attribute defined as Drawing; "Quick search on drawing"
  • File contents sets the search scope to document contents instead of document attributes. We will see this type of search on another tutorial;

Finally, a user may change Quick search default on menu option User name/Home page change. "Quick search on configuration"