Picture of Ricardo Pessoa How to issue a document transmittal
02 December 2015 by Ricardo Pessoa

How To

Document transmittals are a way to formally send multiple documents to project stakeholders.

Most transmittals follow a pre-planned distribution and provide an audit trail of when, where and by whom a document pack was received.

Here we present how a transmittal is created, issued and sent within eikondocs using a special document class, Manifest.

As all eikondocs document classes, a Manifest has its set of attributes, codification, life cycle and access rights configured by your workspace admin. However, it also has special functionality designed to build documents’ transmittals.

Your workspace admin may create as many Manifest classes as required by your project or organization, each with its own attributes, codification and distribution path.

To create a new transmittal in eikondocs you just add a new document to a Manifest class previously configured in your workspace.

Selecting an eikondocs Manifest

On the document form, enter adequate values for the Manifest attributes (in this example: Type, Date and Reference).

Inputing Manifest data

Next, pick the document class from which you want to send documents (in this case, from Project X).

Selecting where from your Manifest files will be retrieved

You may restrict document selection only to those on a specific life cycle state (in this case, Ready to Issue, one of those configured for the selected class, Project X).

Selecting your Manifest files life cycle state

Or to those holding a desired filter value on a specific attribute (in this case, documents that have Safety & Environment as Discipline).

Selecting your Manifest files attribute

Selecting your Manifest files attribute value

You may also want only files in some formats, not all.

Selecting file types

You may also choose to automatically advance the documents´ life cycle state once the Manifest is issued.

Selecting next life cycle state

Once you have all attributes defined, click the Add button to create the new Manifest document.

New manifest

Now that you have created your new Manifest, you may add documents and files to it. Click on Actions/Choose files to include in the document list.

Click to retrieve files

eikondocs automatically retrieves all documents and files matching the criteria defined on the the Manifest attributes, and presents them for you to verify / confirm (in this case, all documents and files from Project X´s Safety and Environment Discipline in Ready to Issue state are retrieved).

New manifest - retrieved files

Uncheck any files you do not want included in the transmittal, and click on button Prepare the document guide with the selected files.

eikondocs will automatically create your transmittal´s content:

  • A spreadsheet file listing documents and files included in the transmittal
  • An optional zip file containing the files themselves

New manifest - content files

New manifest - document index

New manifest - zip file

eikondocs automatically stablishes relationships between the transmittal and transmitted documents. You can see them clicking on More info/Relationships on the transmittal’s document page or any related document page.

New manifest - relationships

Finally, you must Issue your transmittal to secure its attributes and content.

Once issued, you may send your transmittal to stakeholders that are also workspace users sending them an eikondocs Task.

Sending transmittal task

Sending transmittal task

An issued transmittal may also be e-mailed to external stakeholders (hence the optional zip file).

E-mailing transmittal

E-mailing transmittal

eikondocs keeps a complete audit trail, so you always know exactly when you’ve sent what to whom.

Audit trail

Below, a quick video showing how you create, issue and send a transmittal in eikondocs.

Click for video