Picture of Ricardo Pessoa Documents manifests: an easy way to interface with stakeholders
08 December 2015 by Ricardo Pessoa

 click here for a step by step example on issuing transmittals

Within construction and engineering projects, it is common to use document transmittals to formally send multiple documents to project stakeholders.

Usually following a pre-planned distribution, transmittals are used to register when, where and by whom a document pack was sent and received.

Some of its uses include RFP´s to suppliers, specs for subcontractors, safety and contractual obligations, often tied to payments.

Creating a transmittal is usually a hard and time consuming task, prone to errors, and with direct consequences to your project due dates and cash flow. In eikondocs, this is easy and fast.

Without eikondocs, first you have to identify the desired documents, and find out if they are ready to be sent. Then you have to find and retrieve the correct file versions to compose the document pack. And finally, register what you are sending to whom, why and when.

No easy task when you are dealing with hundreds of collaborators, documents and files. Find out which documents are ready to be transmitted and locate their current versions is hard. The risk of using outdated information is always present, especially when you have to dig on several shared directories or folders or countless e-mails to locate current versions.

eikondocs provide you an easier path. A special feature, Manifest, makes these tasks simple and fast.

One has just to create a new document on a Manifest class and define what documents are eligible to be sent using the documents data (e.g., documents from Project X in Ready to issue state and belonging to Safety discipline).

eikondocs retrieves all documents matching your criteria. You just need to check those files you want to send and push a button. eikondocs automatically creates your transmittal cover sheet and a compressed ZIP file with the chosen content.

You may include other files, if you need to. Once you´re OK with the transmittal content, click Actions/Issue and it is ready to be shared with external and internal collaborators.

eikondocs avoids errors, and maintains its complete history, keeping a full audit trail of what files you have sent whom and when.

Refer to this post for an step by step transmittal example