eikondocs is a cloud collaboration and document management platform for large and complex projects.

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eikondocs is Eikon Documents running on Amazon’s AWS cloud . Eikon Documents embodies over 20 years experience supporting large, complex engineering projects.

Used in some of the largest engineering projects in the world today, managing all design and construction documents, it is the only cloud platform available for immediate use and ready to support complex document codification and versioning rules, off the shelf.

Easy to use as a file sharing and synchronization application but enforcing the information governance rules required by an enterprise grade solution. eikondocs enforces your project work process rules and automatically provides the metrics required to monitor projects’ physical advance.

With eikondocs, project members collaborate on-line, any time, anywhere, on any device, without any app, plug-in, or software install. Users can choose their interface ad-hoc in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

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Eikon Tecnologia is an independent Brazilian software company established in 1991 devoted exclusively to develop Eikon Documents in a continuous customer-driven innovation process.

eikondocs is Eikon Tecnologia’s endeavour to put this knowledge and experience at your service in a very fast and cost effective way, leveraging Eikon Documents unique features and Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure .