eikondocs | Features

Need an easy way to collaborate on engineering documents
under your governance rules?

eikondocs is ready to help your business.


Flexibility: easily adapt to the changing needs of each project.

Unlike other platforms, eikondocs requires no specialized IT professionals to set up specific requirements and rules to be enforced on project documents and user interaction. Content administrators have a user interface where they can configure project documentation rules and access parameters without any programming.

If necessary, a complete API is available for integration with other applications.


Productivity: information always available wherever you are.

A single web address is all that is required to access all project documents. Never again you will need to know in advance which file contains the desired information and where it is stored. Never again you will need to search your e-mails to find a client's comment on a particular issue.

A single infrastructure ensures control of access to any type of content from anywhere using whatever is available: a PC, a tablet or a smartphone.


Security: content safely stored in the vault.

Files are stored securely in the Amazon cloud , in specially designed AWS S3 digital vaults , whose web addresses are neither known nor directly accessible to users. The only way to download files is using eikondocs who will check for the right credentials and access rights.

Back-up and disaster recovery procedures are part of eikondocs platform and no longer need to concern our customers.


Confidentiality: only authorized users have access.

Access to documents is established through permissions assigned by administrators. Permissions are granted according to documents' life cycle states and user roles - role-based access control. Users' roles can be changed any time according to projects' changing requirements.


Traceability: full life cycle document control.

eikondocs records all events concerning project documents. For each document auditing data is available on downloads, uploads, updates and life cycle actions.

File editing is controlled by check-out / check-in procedures, inhibiting file updates by other users while a reservation is in place.


Collaboration: streamline work using tasks.

Project members can create and submit tasks to one another, streamlining collaborative content creation, or quickly informing others that new content is available.

Administrators can set up automatic tasks on specific document life cycle events to desired recipients.