Engineering project collaboration and document management platform

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eikondocs is ready. To start now,for any project size just select your pricing plan, sign–up, set up your project rules and requirements, invite project members and you are good to go.

No need to involve IT personnel: you set the codification, versioning, distribution and access rules for your project, straight from your favorite browser, on any internet-enabled PC, smartphone or tablet.

Great for engineering and other complex requirements

eikondocs supports complex codification, versioning and access rules usually required in large infrastructure projects and can handle any volume of documents and any number of stakeholders. Anywhere in the globe, users may collaborate conforming to your project rules.

Records of all accesses assure full audit trail.

Enforces governance rules

Easy to use like a file sharing & synchronization service, but ensuring information governance rules required by an enterprise grade solution, eikondocs enforces your project and work process rules and requirements, while providing you a clear online view of your work in progress and reliable metrics of project physical advance.

Waste no time while creating or sharing information

eikondocs eliminates rework due to documents loss or use of outdated information, and frees team members and managers from time-consuming email / directory searches for the right document version or comments made by project stakeholders.

Project team can easily find and retrieve any document by name, version, content or attribute. They can create multiple public or private folders, and populate them automatically through document selection queries or manually bookmarking desired documents.

Team members may create their own working document list to speed up access to their current work. And may establish references and associations between documents, and keep them updated when new versions are released.

They can use ad-hoc tasks to request action from other project members, or quickly inform them about new content. And automatic tasks may be set to route documents to whom has to acknowledge, comment, update or approve them.