War stories

29 July 2015 by Ricardo Pessoa

On this episode of this very popular TV show, during a trial, all files on Florrick/Agos computer systems are maliciously encrypted by ransomware, which demanded $50,000 for the decryption key. Could something like this happen to your project files?

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03 July 2015 by Ricardo Pessoa

A new subway construction project was awarded to a large multinational corporation. The work required four divisions to cooperate. Although using the same ECM - enterprise content management - system, each division had its own document coding and workflow rules. Corporate IT estimated six months to deploy a new application to address the project requirements, which just did not match project time frame.

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01 July 2015 by Ricardo Pessoa

Continuous process plants require planned maintenance stops, when changes are implemented and plant documents are brought up to date. Some time ago, a customer told me this: her crew in charge of a new bypass on a pressured line reported that the wall supposed to hold 200 ft of the new line was tore down two months ago. Sounds familiar?

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